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Broadway Theatre

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Broadway theatre is located in Manhattan New York. Attending the Broadway theatre is a popular tourist activity. Broadway history did not Begin until Walter Murray and Thomas Kean opened a theater company on the street of Nassau in 1750. This theatre had a capacity of 280 people and typically put on ballad operas and Shakespearian plays. In 1826 the Bowery theatre was built after the success of the Park theater. As blackface minstrel shows became more popular, more theatres were built. The Astor Place Theatre was opened in 1849 and a riot occurred. This happened when the audience (lower class) that visited the bowery that angered the snobbery (upper class audiences), which attended the Astor. This riot caused to separate theater in New York. When the 20th century began, the shows of "Princess theatre" became popular. Victor Herbert, P.G. Wodehouse, and Guy Bolton were the writers of these shows. They also staged musical plays in modern times. Standard contracts were required for all productions that were professional as stated by the Actors Equity Association.

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