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Cirque de Soleil

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Some people think that the people of Cirque du Soleil set out to renovate the circus. They were people who wanted to do crazy things, and eventually they made the modern circus. In the 1980s, a group of performers founded by Gilles Ste-Coix settled on a village near St. Lawrence near the city of Quebec. All of the performers showed off their abilities for the locals and visitors by dancing, juggling, breathing fire, and playing music. Celebration of Quebec on the 450th anniversary of Cartier, Jacques’ sighting of Canada made Laliberté see this as iron in the fire to take the group of performers on a province wide tour (which is official) in 1984. This show was a mix of street performers and circus arts. The street performers showed wild, outrageous costumes, original music, and magical lightning. In 1987 Cirque de Soleil became visitors of the United States for the first time. The Circus got reinvented with a design of "theater-in-the-round" and audience involvement. This reinvention marked the refinement, which is used on modern day performances. In 1990 Cirque de Soleil performed in Europe (in the cities of Paris and London). A permanent show that is performed in Las Vegas is called Mystère. Which was first performed in 1993's. Many of other shows were performed in South America, Asia, and Europe. Now Cirque de Soleil is in its fourth decade. The Circus is now in a wide range of creative shows that range from boutiques to nightclubs and from movies to apparel. Cirque de Soleil always uses imagination and makes people have different emotions when seeing the performance.

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