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The Bolshoi Theatre

Visiting the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow - Russia, is a once in a life time experience for not only theatre lovers but for practically everyone. It can't but impress the visitors with its magnificent architecture and lavish interior. Designed by the architect Joseph Bové, the building is a landmark of Moscow, which grand neoclassical façade is depicted on the Russian 100-ruble banknote.

Bolshoi Theatre TheatresourceScene of the Bolshoi Theatre TheatresourceHall of the Bolshoi Theatre Theatresource

The Bolshoi Theatre has been renovated several times. The most recent major renovation that lasted for six years and cost $688 million was completed in 2011 and included restoring acoustics and the original luxurious decor.

The Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera Theatre is the biggest ballet company in the world, employing over 200 professional dancers. It is also the parent company of The Bolshoi Ballet Academy, an award-winning ballet school. The repertory of the theatre is diverse, with two to four new ballet or opera productions staged each season. The productions engage mostly the performers from the Bolshoi's regular ballet and opera companies, with guest performers invited as well. The most famous ballet productions of the Bolshoi are Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker, Spartacus, Giselle.

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