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The Lviv Opera House

The Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre - Theatresource Hall of The Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre - Theatresource

The Lviv Opera House located on 28 Svobody Square is an architectural jewel. It captures the Neo - Renaissance style of the 1900s and is known for being one of the most spectacular theaters in Europe. This particular opera house is commonly compared to the Vienna and Paris opera houses. The Lviv was built in the twentieth century by architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski. As you stand in front of this massive building you truly feel overpowered by all of its beauty and art.

The architecture alone is one of diverse complication with all of its columns, niches, balustrades and sculptures. In the main cornice of the house stands eight statues and a ten figure compositions depicting The Joys and Miseries of Life. There is also a fronton that is complete with a triad sculpture of bronze winged figures that depict Drama, Tragedy, Comedy, and Glory. These three sculptures were created by native Lviv artists Viytovych, Popiel, and Baroncz.

The grandiose exterior of the Lviv Opera House is as equally extravagant as the interior. The internal decor is filled with marble, covered in gold, and decked with sculptures as well as paintings. The Lviv Opera House is able to fit over a thousand people before it hits capacity. The Stage is a sight to see. The curtains alone were painted by artist Henryk Siemiradzki. The piece is an image of the meaning of life through Parnassus figures. The architecture of the halls create the perfect acoustic sounds. The Lviv Opera House hosts operas, ballets from the around the world, and not to mention the Vienna Balls.