Press / Reviews


"... snappy, surprising, stimulating and altogether satisfying"
- BackStage (Machiacelli, 2006)

"Boling's playful directing style is charming and his penchant for humor is palpable"
- OOBR (The Mandrake, 2006)

"Eerily and surreally directed and performed"
- Show Business Weekly (Woyzeck, 2005)

"An absorbing production... solidly performed by an appealing cast"
- The New York Times (Three Sisters, 2004)

"A pleasure to behold... first-rate ensemble actring... clear-sighted direction"
- BackStage Magazine (Black Comedy, 2004)

" Manhattan Theatre Source... succeeds at every level."
- New York Times (Family Matinee Series, 2003)

"An oasis of sanity on a sea of madness"
- Anne Bobby, noted actress of TV, stage and film

"Seeing this production (Three Sisters) makes me wonder about all the ways I can be a better actor"
- Mercedes Ruehl, Award-winning actress

"I am greatful for orginizations like Manhattan Theatre Source that remind audiences of life's possibilities and of our human powers to imagine and to create."
- Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

"... the most enjoyable aspect is the Venue!"
- The Downtown Press/Villager