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This year, the celebration has continued to go on – however his presence is felt in more than simply spirit. The day of the festival’s run, a life-size bronze sculpture of the critic offering a thumbs-up sign was unveiled in front of the Virginia Theatre in Champaign, the website of the celebration. Talking to the Associated Press, Those who organized the fundraising drive that made it a truth hope that it will be installed in the very same place on a permanent basis within a couple of months.

The center opened less than a year after it unveiled its new performing arts theater. Funds for the places originated from it. In time, the step will also pay for a carrying out arts theater.

The theater, which seats more than 350 individuals, consists of a high-tech control space, workplaces, green room, dressing areas and a scene store. Outside the auditorium, two flat-screen Televisions use a peek at the efficiency going on inside the venue.

An attached black-box, or experimental, theater consists of approximately 1,800 square feet of “flexible space” for recitals, performances and drama class.

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